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Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland


Our company was established in 2008 as IK "Birma". Since that we have been specializing on selling dog apparel, exclusive furniture, professional cosmetics, dry and wet dog food in retail and wholesale.

Since 2010 we have been participating on the biggest International Dog Shows in Riga and Tallinn.

On the 18th of October 2014 we launched our first and the only shop "Birma PETS" in Riga on 64 Matisa street. A bit later in April 2015 we also launched our grooming salon for dogs and cats.

Since June 2016 we are organizing seminars for handlers, groomers, dog trainers, judges and other professionals, where people and dogs from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other European countries are participating.

   Professional Pet Care Products   Pure Paws (USA)

Pure Paws Inc. is dedicated in providing the most innovative products for dogs and cats to give optimum results for your best friend. Only the best ingredients are utilized to get the best results possible. The shampoos and conditioners are formulated to provide results that new users will see immediately and with long term use, the user will be rewarded with a healthy amazing looking coat and easier faster grooming times.

Pure Paws’ goal is to help everyone, from the beginner to the professional, achieve success in getting a “Best in Show” coat.

Since the founding of Pure Paws Inc in 2000, the Pure Paws line has increased with the help of many handlers and breeders. Pure Paws would like to thank everyone who has helped make Pure Paws a success all over the world. Pure Paws promises to continue researching and developing new products to help everyone achieve the most amazing results.

SIA "BIRMA PETS" is an authorized PURE PAWS distributor in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland!

You can find the biggest variety of PURE PAWS products in Baltics in our shop Birma PETS in Riga, 64 Matisa street and in our E-shop on the website BIRMA.LV.

 Professional Pet Care Products  #1All Systems (USA)

Professional cosmetics for grooming dogs and cats. It is ideal for coat and skin care in between the shows, as well as for the show days.

Shampoos and conditioners contain a unique formula based on natural animal and botanical oils.

#1 All Systems has earned the trust and popularity among professional groomers and breeders as well as among pet owners.

In addition to shampoos and conditioners, #1 All Systems
collection includes coat maintaining products: products that moisturize and regenerate the coat, anti-static and de-matting sprays, coat stabilizers to eliminate the effect of dermatitis.

SIA "BIRMA PETS" is an authorized #1 All Systems distributor in Latvia!

You can find the biggest variety of #1 All Systems products in Latvia in our shop Birma PETS in Riga, 64 Matisa street and in our E-shop on the website BIRMA.LV.

MARP - high quality dry and wet food and treats for dogs and cats

The idea of developing Marp pet food stemmed from our many years of experience in pet food distribution and animal nutrition. Our main aim was, and still is, to supply pet food with maximum practicality in mind.

We supply Marp pet food in two basic ranges –our holistic range and our super-premium natural range.

SIA "BIRMA PETS" is an authorized MARP distributor in Latvia and Estonia!

More information is available on our webpage