Our Salons:

Birma PETS Centrs

Riga, Matisa iela 64

Please book an appointment: (+371) 20 238 238 or HERE

Birma PETS Vecmilgravis

Riga, Melidas iela 1

Please book an appointment: (+371) 22 08 20 68 or HERE

LORDS by Birma PETS 

Riga, Ilukstes iela 109

Please book an appointment: (+371) 28 735 627 or HERE

Birma PETS Sarkandaugava

Riga, Tilta iela 11, k-1

Please book an appointment: (+371) 22 08 20 68 or HERE

Daugavpils, Viestura iela 70

Please book an appointment: (+371) 22 31 06 52 or HERE

Our advantages

1. We have only professionals working for us. Our groomers are constantly improving their knowledge by attending European and world-leading grooming seminars and workshops. Our company also organizes these kind of events not only for the qualification improvement of our employees, but also for the training of other groomers working in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

2. We use only professional cosmetics that is manufactured specifically for cat and dog hair and skin care. For our clients' hair and skin care we use only professional cosmetics - Pure Paws (USA), # 1 All Systems (USA), Ladybel (France), Iv San Bernard (Italy). Regularly visiting the grooming salon and using high quality cosmetics you will always keep your pet's skin and hair in optimum condition, as well as this will make it easier for you to take care of your pet's hair at home.

3. We take care of your pet's safety. Our grooming salon has special equipment and accessories specifically designed for grooming salons (safety loops, non-slip surfaces on tables and bathtubs, stable stationary tables and electric lifting table that is suitable even for large dogs).

4. Our salon is offering a unique SPA treatment for dogs and cats - HYDROMASSAGE WITH OZONE. This is a very pleasant and healthy procedure. Hydromassage with ozone relaxes, removes tone. During this procedure, the skin and hair are saturated with ozone oxygen. Ozone therapy has only a positive effect!

5. Our groomers will always give recommendations on skin care and hair care for your pet
absolutely FREE, as well they will help you to choose the right and best cosmetic products for your pet

6. Peaceful, comfortable atmosphere and happy customers.

7. You can safely leave your pets with us and You can make the daily routines, because our groomers will take care of the safety and well-being of your pets.