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The #1 All Systems® cosmetic line is a complete line of professional grooming products for dogs and cats made in USA. Shampoos, conditioners, coat finish products, high quality brushes and combs - everything you need to meet all grooming needs.

#1 All Systems® has earned the trust and popularity among professional groomers and breeders as well as among pet owners. In addition to shampoos and conditioners, #1 All Systems collection includes coat maintaining products: products that moisturize and regenerate the coat, anti-static and de-matting sprays, coat stabilizers to eliminate the effect of dermatitis.

# 1 All Systems® cosmetic products are products formulated with herbal ingredients and ingredients of the highest human cosmetics. The crops from which the ingredients are sourced are located in California and are followed directly by the staff of the manufacturing company and a laboratory specialized in the production of products with the use of vegetable ingredients.

Between one production batch and another, the products can vary in color, consistency or fragrance, due to the intrinsic characteristics of the harvests that differ from season to season for climatic variations; these product variants are a guarantee of plant production, while the quality and effectiveness of the product will remain unchanged and guaranteed.

As for human cosmetics, even in the case of cosmetics for dogs and cats, we must respond to increasingly demanding and complex consumer demand.

Consumer demand is increasingly a conscious, disenchanted and relevant request. The media, the internet and the passions cultivated with deep fervor, bring knowledge and awareness in what you buy and what you want to achieve with a product. We no longer dwell on the advertising slogan, but we read the ingredients, we know the benefits and effects that the various components determine and there is a clear tendency to prefer everything that comes from nature and that is less artificial and more genuine, natural and then healthy.

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SIA Birma PETS SIA is the official distributor of #1 All Systems® in Latvia.

#1 All Systems professional grooming products for dogs and cats