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On July  the 2th and the 3rd 2022 we invite you to a 2-day advanced training seminar "POODLE ASIA & MALTESE ASIA"

Teacher: Beatrix Megyesi

Maximum number of students on practice is 5, there is no limit to the demonstration (theory part).

The seminar will be held in English (with translation into Russian)

Upon completion of the course, a certificate in English is issued.

You can sign up for the course using this link:


Poodle Asia (Theory) or Maltese Asia (Theory) - EUR 100.00

Poodle Asia (Theory) and Maltese Asia (Theory) - EUR 180.00

Poodle Asia (Theory + Practice) or Maltese Asia (Theory + Practice) - EUR 150.00

Poodle Asia and Maltese Asia (Theory + Practice) - EUR 265.00


10:00-14:00 - Theory

14:00-15:00 - Lunch

15:00-19:00 - Practice

Models for practice: if necessary, the school can provide (to be agreed at least a week before the start of the seminar)

The school does not provide grooming tools (combs, scissors, clippers and blades).

The use of school equipment (bath, grooming table, chair, hand dryer, compressor), as well as professional cosmetics, is included in the price of the seminar.

Location: Salon “Birma PETS”, Matisa str. 64, Riga, Latvia

Payment: 50% payment, which is a guarantee of the reservation, must be paid within 3 days from the date of issue of the invoice. In case of refusal to participate, this amount is not refundable. In case the invoice is not paid on time, the place is given to the next student in the queue. The remaining 50% of the seminar will be able to pay on the day of the seminar.


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